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BQA Requirements

Central Livestock Assocation has believed in, and has actively promoted the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program for many years.  We have hosted farmer and staff trainings at all our auction market locations in recent years.  We have partnered with cattlemen's organizations, feed and pharmaceutical companies, and others, in bringing the latest training expertise to our market area.

Starting in 2019, some beef packers will begin to require documentation that all cattle they harvest originate from BQA certified operations  We want to offer your cattle to as many buyers as possible, so we highly encourage you to provide a copy of your BQA certificate to the market where you sell cattle, as soon as possible.   If you have not been through the training, or if your certification has expired, you can take the training at

We plan to host more BQA trainings in 2019 and beyond, but please don't wait for one of those dates to get certified.  If you have any questions please call any of our markets.  We want to get to a point where all cattle coming through our sales, can be represented at coming from BQA qualified herds.  Your help is greatly appreciated!