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Micro PVP

A USDA Process Verified Program

We're proud to offer you MICRO PVP to increase your profitability. Our representatives in your area are certified MICRO PVP agents.

Used by thousands of cattlemen, MICRO PVP offers a simple and cost-effective way to qualify cattle for age and source verification at all stages of the beef supply chain. 

The MICRO PVP is a USDA Process Verified Program and may be used by ranchers, feedyards, or other producers to qualify cattle for export programs.

The MICRO PVP Ranch Program allows ranches to age-verify and enroll their cattle in a USDA-approved program prior to shipping cattle from the ranch. Audits are conducted via phone or on-site and ranches maintain full control over their cattle marketing options.

To enroll cattle for age verification, the rancher must follow these steps:

  • Record age information in calving books, calendars, or other formats; premises ID is optional.
  • Tag the cattle with EID tags and record information on supplied worksheets.
  • Complete an Audit Request Form and send to Micro Beef.
  • Audit completed via phone or on-site, verifying the calving dates.
  • Micro Beef Technologies reviews the audit and, if passed, generates an official Approval Letter. Cattle are now officially verified and enrolled in a USDA Process Verified Program.

MICRO PVP also supports "Born in USA" and "Born and Raised in USA" claims.

The MICRO PVP Supplier Program is for feedyards that ship age-verified cattle to a packer. This program enables suppliers to receive verified cattle, maintain verification through the feeding phase, and ship approved cattle to a packer.

Contact your local field representative today to learn more about enrolling your cattle for age and source verification through MICRO PVP.