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Livestock production runs deep in the history of Midwest agriculture. As a result, livestock markets and stockyards have also played a key role in the industry. Today, CENTRAL LIVESTOCK, a 95-year-old livestock marketing company, owns and operates prominent markets throughout the Midwest to serve cattle, horse, swine, sheep and goat producers.

Formed as a commission firm at the South St. Paul, Minnesota, stockyards in 1921, CENTRAL LIVESTOCK now offers innovative marketing programs from multiple market locations. CENTRAL LIVESTOCK owns markets in Albany, and Zumbrota, Minnesota.  The South St. Paul market closed in April 2008. The Sioux Falls Stockyards closed cattle and sheep sales in 2009, and CENTRAL LIVESTOCK is no longer affiliated with the Sioux Falls Stockyards. Today the corporate headquarters remains in South St. Paul.

For over a half century, CENTRAL LIVESTOCK's daily radio programs and market reports have kept livestock producers informed. Today, radio, websites, advertising, salespeople and fieldmen assist livestock producers in coordinating successful and orderly livestock marketing.

In 1999, with the support of producer members, CENTRAL LIVESTOCK became the third subsidiary of Cooperative Resources International (CRI); however, in 2011 following a positive vote by delegates, CRI restructured CENTRAL LIVESTOCK as a company of GENEX.

The purpose of CENTRAL LIVESTOCK is to act as a full-service livestock marketing organization assisting livestock producers in production and marketing by providing competitive prices, superior service and broader outlets through a profitable and innovative organization.


  • 1921 Formation of Central Livestock Association
  • 1936 CENTRAL LIVESTOCK began to radio broadcast market reports
  • 1941 CENTRAL LIVESTOCK order buying program organized
  • 1988 Purchased the West Fargo, North Dakota market
  • 1991 Built and opened the Albany, Minnesota market
  • 1999 CENTRAL LIVESTOCK became a subsidiary of CRI
  • 1999 Purchased South St. Paul, Minnesota market
  • 2003 Purchased the Zumbrota, Minnesota market
  • 2008 Closed the South St. Paul, Minnesota market
  • 2008 Opened the Rock Creek, Minnesota market
  • 2009 Closed operations at the Sioux Falls Stockyards
  • 2011 CENTRAL LIVESTOCK became a company of GENEX
  • 2018  Once again CENTRAL LIVESTOCK became a member owned cooperative